5 Shoulder Pain Relief Methods

shoulder pain reliefShoulder pain is a common problem for many people. It can involve the cartilage, ligaments, muscles, nerves, or tendons. It might also affect the shoulder blade, neck, arm, or hand. Treating the pain usually involves soothing the inflammation associated with it. There are many ways to treat your shoulder pain, but we’re going to cover a few common ones. Here are five shoulder pain relief methods.

Shoulder Pain Relief Methods

Pain Medication

Medications like acetaminophen and aspirin can ease your shoulder pain. These OTC medications will help you manage your injury and sleep better on the road to recovery. Be aware of the side effects that might come with these medications. They could include an upset stomach or heartburn. If you find yourself taking these medications longer than four weeks, you need to consult a doctor. Topical pain-relief gels and creams are another pain relief option. They don’t come with the same side effects as pills.


Compression is an excellent way to manage the pain and swelling of your injury. For maximum relief, use a cold compression bandage or an ACE bandage. If you don’t have access to these, you can get a shoulder wrap from the pharmacy. When wrapping, make sure to wrap tightly, but not too tight. You don’t want to cut off the blood flow to the joint. Loosen the bandage if you begin to lose feeling in your arm or hand.

Heat Therapy

Heat is known for helping tense muscles relax and soothes a stiff shoulder. It can help with your muscle pain or if you struggle with arthritis pain in your shoulder. You can use a heating pad, heated gel pack, or hot water bottle.

Rest and Activity Modification

If an activity caused your injury, you need to stop whatever action caused it. It’s essential to rest your shoulder but move it gently. Gentle movement will help maintain the strength and flexibility of your shoulder.

Cold Compress

Cold compresses are known for reducing swelling, which is ideal for shoulder pain. It also numbs the pain you’re experiencing. Wrap an ice pack in a towel, and never apply it directly to your skin. Let it sit for 20 minutes intervals five times a day.

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