Auto Accident Chiropractor Treatment, Frisco, TX

Medical Care for Whiplash, Vehicle Accident Injuries

After an auto accident, your whole life can be flipped upside down. Even with a minor accident, injuries occur that often get ignored until serious pain notifies you days later. The most important thing after a car crash is to care for emergencies. Any serious injuries should be cared for before insurance or chiropractic care is considered. After emergencies are taken care of, it is best to notify your insurance and get to a chiropractor right away. There are many family care doctors that do not handle accident injury or do not offer the long-term care that many spinal injuries require. The sooner you see Tieperman Health and Wellness’s experienced staff of chiropractors in Frisco, the better.


One of the most common accident injuries is whiplash. In most accidents your head jerks forward or backward based upon how you were hit and causes the joints, muscles and nerve roots in your neck to be damaged. Much like a strained muscle, it causes aching and stiffness, but due to its proximity to the head it can cause dizziness, fatigue and severe headaches. Fast response is the best way to cure whiplash. Massages, pain management, and gentle but active chiropractic and therapy treatments often relieve whiplash quickly.

Serious Spinal Injuries

Many accidents, especially those from behind, can cause spinal misalignment and even head injuries. While many doctor’s offices will treat the immediate effects, long-term care is needed to assure that serious problems don’t cause chronic pain. The effects of spinal misalignment can be serious and excruciating, and a chiropractor  is needed to ensure that your spine is fixed. This may require chiropractic adjustment, physiotherapy, and spinal decompression. If back pain continues months after an accident, don’t hesitate to come into our Frisco chiropractor office for treatment.

Auto Claims Experience

Many patients come to our office to be treated for auto accident injuries every year. We have become familiar with the billing procedures of auto insurance companies and are able to assist you not just with your pain management, but with your auto accident claims as well. We can handle billing to your insurance as well as to a third party. We can also work under a Letter of Protection from many lawyers. If you are in need of an attorney, we can also suggest several to you that we have worked with in the past.

Chiropractic Conditions

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