Hip Injuries and Pain Eased By Frisco Chiropractors

Hip Pain Management

Hip pain can be quite a problem, especially for those who want to be physically active. Pain in your hip joint isn’t always caused by a problem within the hip. Many times, hip pain is due to strain from other issues. If the pain is due to an issue in your hip joint, pain can radiate into other areas of the body. No need to be discouraged, however; hip pain is simple for our Frisco, TX, chiropractors to manage.

Common Causes of Hip Pain

  • Hip fractures
  • Various forms of arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Not enough blood flow in the hip
  • Sprain or strain of hip muscles
  • Infection
  • Injury in the lower back
  • Falling

Who Has Hip Pain?

While it is sometimes thought of as a problem that mostly affects the elderly, half of those reporting hip pain are actually quite young. These cases are due to particular risk factors, such as genetics or lifestyle. Those with a history of cancer, alcoholism, obesity, arthritis, steroid use and sickle cell anemia are all at a higher risk for hip pain and injury.

Treatments & Prevention

Treatment often involves physiotherapy. Often, movement builds up the strength of the muscles and joints to help manage the pain. Movement can also help you lose weight and ease the burden on the hip joint. A doctor may also prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs. If you have any of the risk factors mentioned above, it is a good idea to get plenty of calcium and vitamin D to reduce future issues.

Chiropractic Conditions

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