Acupuncture and Migraines

acupuncture and migraines

There are many traditional methods that people try to ease their migraine pain, but sometimes none of them work! If this is your problem, acupuncture might be an excellent alternative option for easing your migraines. Acupuncture began in ancient China, and it involves piercing specific areas of the body to alleviate various pains. Here is some information involving migraines and acupuncture treatments you should consider before considering it a viable option for you. 

The Proof

Over the course of 22 clinical trials involving almost 5,000 patients, evidence has shown that acupuncture decreased headache frequency in patients with migraines. This effect is similar to that observed with preventative medications. Specifically, the frequency dropped by 50% in around 59% of participants, which lasted for more than six months. 

How Does it Work?

The goal of acupuncture is to keep the energy flow balanced along the meridians of the body. An acupuncturist will place needles at specific pressure points in the back and neck to slow pain transmission. You also might receive a gentle head massage to accompany the treatment. The process usually takes around an hour, and six sessions are generally recommended once a week. Dietary changes are another standard recommendation. 

The science behind how acupuncture eases pain and decreases migraines is still unknown. Still, the belief is that acupuncture activates brain pathways responsible for turning pain off. 

Patient Experiences

Many patients tried acupuncture and have had mixed results, but others, such as Jane Elliot, a BBC reporter, had tremendous success and is now migraine free. 

Some patients have reported that acupuncture is an effective treatment option. They say you shouldn’t expect it to be a miracle-worker, but that it could knock your pain level down in a noticeable way. Others have stated that the process helped relax them a lot, but it didn’t change their migraines. Some use it as a regular treatment to manage their migraine pain. So, as you can see, the results can vary significantly among different patients. 

Overall, we can conclude that a course of acupuncture for six sessions or more can be an effective treatment option for those willing to try. However, you should not come in expecting to be migraine-free. That being said, if you feel like acupuncture could be a good option for you, call Tieperman Health and Wellness in Frisco, TX today! We can get you started with a consultation and go from there.

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