First Acupuncture Appointment: What to Expect

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If it’s your first time receiving acupuncture, you probably have a handful of questions. Luckily, our experts at Tieperman Health and Wellness are here to ease your mind regarding some of those questions you may have. Here are some things to expect at your first acupuncture appointment

An Interview Beforehand

Just as physicians ask you questions about your medications, medical conditions, and more at your first appointment, an acupuncture practitioner will do the same. However, there may also be additional questions that you don’t usually hear. These range from asking about your sex life to digestive issues and even menstruation cycles. Acupuncturists ask about these things because some conditions can stem from digestive functions or another system of the body that seems unrelated. 

Insurance Coverage

You should bring your insurance card with you to the appointment or even call your insurance company before your first visit. More and more companies are beginning to cover acupuncture treatments, especially if your primary care physician refers you to the acupuncturist. Even if you don’t have insurance or it’s not covered, acupuncture is still relatively affordable. Initial visits cost anywhere from $75 to $95, and routine visits range from $50 to $70. 

Treating More than Expected

Acupuncture focuses on the body as a whole, its interconnections, and the balance of its systems. Therefore, even if you feel better before your first visit, you should still go. You might come out feeling even better than before or notice that a different pain or ailment you had is fading! 

Eat Before

It’s best not to attend your first session or any sessions afterward with an empty stomach. We recommend that you eat 2 hours before your appointment. You don’t want to show up too full either, and you should avoid fatty, fried, or spicy food. Watching what you eat will minimize the chance of dizziness, lightheadedness, or risk of fainting during or after an appointment. 

Acupuncture is Nearly Painless

Even if you are typically afraid of needles, you’ll be surprised how different acupuncture is from the typical shot or IV needle. The needles themselves are only the size of a few hairs. You might feel a small prick when they start the treatment, but other than that, the process is relatively painless. 

These are some things to keep in mind before going to your first appointment with an acupuncture practitioner. If you have more questions or want to set up an appointment, call Tieperman Health and Wellness today! Our experts can get you started with a consultation and determine if acupuncture could be the right treatment for you. Please, feel free to check out our reviews or follow us on Facebook, as well!

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