Can Massage Therapy Help Migraines?

Massage Therapy Prosper TXAnyone who deals with chronic migraines or headaches knows how painful and debilitating they can be. Migraines completely throw a wrench in your plans when they come on. Those who suffer from migraines also know how difficult it is to find something that relieves them or prevents them from coming on in the first place. Fortunately, Tieperman Health & Wellness has an incredibly effective solution: massage therapy. Can massage therapy help migraines? Before going into how massages help, it is crucial to understand what migraines are, and why some people suffer from them.

What is a migraine?

Well, the simple answer for those who suffer from them is torture! Primarily, a migraine a severely painful headache that, for many, comes with a few warning signs. These include pulses of light, blind spots, or tingling of the body. They vary from person to person, with some people experiencing warning symptoms up to 72 hours before the headache starts.

The headaches that make up the bulk of the migraine also vary from person to person. They are painful for everyone, but they can last for hours or sometimes days. The pain is debilitating and is generally best relieved by taking refuge in a quiet, cold, and dark room. Nausea can sometimes accompany the pain.

After the migraine, most people typically go through what is called postdrome. Postdrome is the recovery period after the migraine subsides. Usually, people feel exhausted and sluggish as the body recovers.

Preventing migraines is very difficult, and the best advice is typically to find something to works for relieving them and use it right away. One method of preventing, or just making them not happen as often, is massage therapy!

Why do massages help?

The two most significant causes of migraines are stress and muscular tension. Luckily, these are two of the things that massages treat best. Not only can massage help relieve migraines, but it can also help keep you from having them quite as often. Most people schedule massages once a month or maybe a little less frequently, depending on the severity of their migraines. The correct massage experience varies from person to person, as well. If you want your therapist to get those knots out where you hold your stress, or if you want them to have a more gentle approach, let them know. Some people might get extra touch sensitivity around their scalp when experiencing migraines. It is also common for people to experience smell sensitivity increases as well, so make sure you notify your massage therapist beforehand.

Remember, some massage methods can be done at home if you are feeling a migraine coming on as well when you just feel stressed! The best areas to massage are areas that you carry the most tension, as these are the areas that migraines generally originate.

The massage therapy experts at our Frisco, TX clinic are trained in stress-reducing techniques that can help you relieve tension headaches and relax you, reducing your risk for migraines. If you feel hopeless in your battle against painful migraines, it may be time to contact Tieperman Health and Wellness Center in Frisco, TX.

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