5 Non-Invasive Pain Management Techniques

Pain management is a complicated thing to get right. Every patient is different, so their pain has to be treated differently as well! Luckily, there are a variety of pain management techniques, many of which are non-invasive. Here are five of our favorite non-invasive pain management techniques at Tieperman Health and Wellness!

Non-Invasive Pain Management Techniques


This ancient technique has been relieving aches and pains for thousands of years. Western science has proven that acupuncture increases the release of chemicals that fight pain. Due to the location and fineness of the needles, acupuncture does not cause pain. Instead, it relieves it. So even if you’re not a big fan of needles, this could be the perfect pain management technique for you. 


Massage is used to relieve many types of pain. It promotes blood flow to your muscles, ligaments, and bones, which explains why it relieves pain. However, it is also suitable for mental health, as well. Massages encourage the release of chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and other chemicals that help fight depression. Furthermore, it decreases stress hormones, so this is an excellent option for various pain issues. 

Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic treatment is a way to adjust your spine and other joints by using controlled, rapid force. The goal is to improve the range of motion in parts of your body. It’s usually used for chronic lower-back pain, muscle and bone pain in the neck and shoulders, and headaches. It is even useful for hand and foot problems. 

Nutrition Management

Your diet is a vital part of pain management. Some foods are known to reduce pain, while others are known to make the problem worse. It’s best to consult your doctor about your food habits to ensure you aren’t making the pain any worse than it has to be! 

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy in itself uses many techniques that help with pain management, and it’s usually a very gentle and easy-going process. Some of the methods include electrical stimulation (TENS), ultrasound healing, taping and braces, and joint and soft tissue work. For many patients, it is the perfect way to manage their pain symptoms. 

You shouldn’t have to live with acute or chronic pain. If you think any of these techniques could help you or you see something you haven’t tried yet, call Tieperman Health and Wellness today, and we can point you in the right direction!

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