6 Tips For Easing Migraine Pain

Migraines can be a very frustrating thing to deal with. When the pain hits, all you want is for it to go away. That’s understandable! Our tips might not make your migraine disappear, but they will help ease the pain. Here are 6 tips for easing migraine pain. 

1. Minimal Light

One of the most common migraine symptoms is light sensitivity. To combat this, try to stay in a darker room. This will help ease your migraine pain since you’re not subjecting yourself to bright lights like the sun or household light fixtures.

2. A Quiet Environment

Another common symptom of migraines is noise sensitivity. Along with sitting in a darker room, try to avoid lots of noise. A quiet, dark room will keep your migraine from being worse than it already is. 

3. Warm or Cold Compress

A warm or cold compress can be another good place to start for easing your migraine pain. Many people report that they prefer a cold compress because it has a numbing effect, distracting them from the migraine pain. A warm compress helps relax tense muscles, which could be helpful if the muscles in your forehead or neck are tight and causing you more pain. 

4. Hydrate Aggressively

Your migraines might be triggered by dehydration. If this is the case, when you feel a migraine coming on, hydrate aggressively to shorten the length of your attack. Stay hydrated between attacks to reduce the chances of one being triggered by dehydration. 

5. Massage

Depending on your symptoms, a massage might help ease your pain. The temples are an excellent place to start. However, if you suffer from the symptom allodynia, massage won’t be helpful for you. Allodynia is a symptom where the person is very sensitive to touch and other stimuli that aren’t usually painful. Even resting your head on a pillow might be painful. If this is the case, avoid massage as a form of pain relief. 

6. Drink Caffeine 

Small amounts of caffeine can help reduce migraine pain because it can relieve your pain if it’s in the early stages or enhances the pain-relieving effects of acetaminophen and aspirin. 


If you suffer from migraine attacks, contact us at Tieperman Health and Wellness. We’ll get you started with a consultation and come up with a treatment plan that works for you. Begin with the tips above to ease your migraine pain, and we can help determine other options that help with your migraines overall. Contact our office today to set up an appointment.

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