Acupuncture Frisco TX: Treating Cold & Flu with Acupuncture

Acupuncture Frisco TXOver two millennia, Chinese medicine has been using herbs and acupuncture Frisco TX to treat the common cold as well as the flu. Cupping and what is known as moxibustion are additional therapies that can prove effective for treating these ailments as well. This may be a welcome alternative for individuals seeking to overcome a cold or fight flu symptoms without the use of antibiotics or unnatural medications. Herbal medicines can be just as effective in reducing the length and severity of a cold or a bout of the flu, with little to no side effects. You can also use a variety of herbal formulas in a preventative manner to boost your immunity and help ward off illnesses. However, supplementing your herbal routine with acupuncture can add extra power to cold and flu prevention routine.

Acupuncture Frisco TX: Treating Cold & Flu

How Chinese Medicine Classifies Colds
The approach that Chinese medicine takes for colds is symptom based, breaking colds down into two main categories — a “Wind Cold” and a “Wind Heat.” The latter is the most common type of cold, with symptoms that include fever, a sore or inflamed throat, headache, sweating, thick yellow phlegm and nasal congestion, a red tongue with a yellow coating, and of course, a cough. “Wind Cold” symptoms consist primarily of nasal congestion with a clear runny nose, aching in the shoulders and neck, headache, body aches, cold aversion and a white coating on the tongue. The distinction drawn between the two types of colds is where Chinese medicine and Western medicine differ greatly, as Western medicine tends to treat all colds as the same.

Using Acupuncture to Treat Colds
The use of acupuncture in Frisco TX to give the immune system a boost is essential to helping your body win the battle against the cold virus. A strong immune system makes you less susceptible to illness in the first place. There are particular acupuncture points that will offer very quick relief from particularly unsavory symptoms, such as coughing. Getting an early enough acupuncture treatment can often help most patients avoid a cold entirely.

The sooner you can start treating a cold or the flu, the shorter the severity and duration of the symptoms. Your acupuncture practitioner will likely have many formulas ready-made to provide for you. When looking for acupuncture Frisco TX, turn to Tieperman Health and Wellness. In addition to offering acupuncture, we also offer massage, spinal decompression, chiropractor services and nutritional consults. Call 214-705-1799 today to schedule your appointment and to start moving towards the path of wellness.

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