How Does Acupuncture Help with Dental Pain?

Acupuncture FriscoChronic jaw-pain stemming from conditions such as TMJ affects millions of Americans every year. Chronic dental pain makes eating and talking difficult. Anyone who suffers from chronic dental pain knows the struggle.  It seems like no matter what you try, the pain just does not go away. Most people reach right for the painkillers which can certainly be effective in the short-term; however, the risk of dependency is ALWAYS there. Acupuncture, however,  is a safe, longer-term way of treating your chronic jaw pain from conditions such as TMJ.

What is acupuncture & how does it work?

Acupuncture is an ancient form of traditional Chinese medicine, now widely accepted and prescribed by western medical professionals. Acupuncture treatments are intended to correct or restore imbalances of internal energy in the body through injecting extremely fine stainless-steel needles in the skin. These needles stimulate the body’s 14 major energy-carrying channels or meridians, boosting the number of natural painkillers and endorphins to combat areas of chronic pain and discomfort. While acupuncture is not considered a cure for any condition, it is incredibly effective in reducing pain or inflammation.

Dental acupuncture for chronic pain

Like we stated above, acupuncture is an incredibly effective method for treating the pain associated with conditions such as TMJ. A recent British study shows 85% of patients suffering from TMJ who were treated with acupuncture saw a decrease in pain.

The reason that acupuncture is so effective is that ever since its inception thousands of years ago, the goal has been to treat the origin of the pain, not just the pain itself. Acupuncture treats muscular tension, stress, as well as pain. The treatment helps tone down the muscle spasms and the swelling that commonly comes with conditions like TMJ.

Not only does acupuncture treat chronic pain, but it is used to treat acute pain as well!

Acupuncture & post oral surgery soreness.

Studies have actually shown that acupuncture sessions can actually be very effective in treating postoperative pain. Typically since this is more severe pain, acupuncture would be used in conjunction with some form a painkiller; however, a recent study showed that painkiller consumption was significantly lower for people who underwent acupuncture treatments.

Modern explanations of acupuncture have found that its effectiveness stems from its ability to stimulate biochemical signals that increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. That is why acupuncture is an effective treatment for postop surgery. A lot of the pain that patients feel after operations stems from the swelling.

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