Is Acupuncture Safe for Children?

Acupuncture ProsperWhile acupuncture has grown in popularity as treatment for a wide range of conditions in adults, many still harbor the belief that acupuncture is unsafe for children. In fact, the ancient Chinese medical practice is both a safe and effective form of treatment for adults and children alike. At Tieperman Health & Wellness in Frisco, acupuncture treatments are employed regularly to treat a range of diverse health conditions in children, including muscle aches, migraines, stomach cramps, and even respiratory issues.

At Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, a team of researchers reported that all children who participated in a comprehensive acupuncture study experienced significantly reduced levels of pain after receiving eight 30-minute treatments. They recorded that the most notable reduction in pain took place after the first few sessions, continuing to diminish until the treatment ended.

If you decide to schedule an acupuncture appointment for your child, do all in your power to clear the air and suppress their potential fear of the unknown. Depending on their level of understanding, help them realize acupuncture needles are tiny, flexible, safe, and sterile. Eliminate commonly preconceived assumptions that the needles are large and will indefinitely draw blood. With this in mind, remember that any size needle can be frightening for a child, so it’s essential that you find a practitioner who has experience with children and understands how to gain their trust and address their fears.  The experienced team at Tieperman Health & Wellness has just that!

All things considered, it’s essential that you find a licensed professional, who will help determine what type of acupuncture treatment is best for your child. At Tieperman Health & Wellness Center, our staff will perform a physical examination and ask several questions about your symptoms and lifestyle to determine the extent of symptoms and to determine whether an acupunture treatment is the right course for your child. Above all else remember, acupunture is safe for children when performed by an experienced physician.

If you believe acupuncture treatment may benefit you, or your child, contact our office in Frisco, Texas today by calling 214-705-1799.

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