Period Pain and Discomfort Relief through Acupuncture in Little Elm

Acupuncture Little ElmPain and discomfort during your period is a common condition that affects most women who are menstruating. Women can experience this condition regardless of their health situation. A study conducted by Dr. Mike Armour provided evidence indicating the effectiveness of acupuncture as a treatment for alleviating the pain and discomfort associated with periods.

The Study

The treatments provided through the study met the standards of a manualized protocol and relied on data collection through a survey completed by acupuncture specialists in New Zealand and Australia. The treatments were based on traditional Chinese medicine; identifying the unique characteristics of individual organs in the human body as well as their interrelationships.

The Participants

There were seventy-four female participants between the ages of eighteen and forty-five involved in the study. Each participant indicated period pain experience. The participants were divided into four groups; two groups receiving high-frequency treatments and two groups receiving low-frequency treatments. Each of those two groups was divided into a manual acupuncture set and electroacupuncture set. Electroacupuncture involves the use of needles connected to an electric impulse transmission device.

The Treatments

The high-frequency group participants received three treatments one week before the start of their periods. The low-frequency group participants received three treatments every seven to ten days between their periods. All of the participants received twelve treatments over three-period cycles as well as one treatment during the first two days of their period.

Frequent Treatment More Effective
According to the study, participants receiving acupuncture more frequently experienced the best results in period pain reduction, related issues, and overall wellbeing.

Manual Vs Electroacupuncture
All of the participants kept a diary detailing the development of their pain and discomfort during their period. Researchers found that more than half of the women receiving manual acupuncture experienced up to a fifty percent reduction in pain, discomfort, and related symptom. This evidence indicates that manual acupuncture is significantly more effective than electroacupuncture in alleviating period pain and symptoms.

The research and findings of the study point to acupuncture as a new treatment for period pain. They provide some evidence that acupuncture treatments are an effective option in helping to reduce the pain and discomfort that most women experience during their period.

If you experience period pain, consider including manual acupuncture treatments in your plan to alleviate your discomfort and related symptoms. Be sure to choose a certified, reliable and reputable acupuncture specialist.

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