Safety & Effectiveness in Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Pediatric Chiropractic Care Frisco TXAccording to the latest reports from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about three percent of American children have had chiropractic or osteopathic treatments.  In fact, the number of pediatric chiropractor visits has more than doubled since 2000. With the trending increase in pediatric visits, it’s vital for practitioners and parents to understand the effectiveness and safety of chiropractic care in children.

Manipulative Therapy Safety

Several studies have reviewed the rates of adverse events for pediatric chiropractic manipulative therapy and found that over a period of 110 years there were nine serious adverse events, five moderate to mild events, and 20 cases in which the practitioner delayed the diagnosis for other conditions.

According to Dr. Elise Hewitt, a Portland, Oregon pediatric chiropractor and president of the ACA Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics “Chiropractors have the lowest malpractice rates of all primary health care providers in the country, and those rates risk-based. Actuaries aren’t going to give us lower rates without good reason. And as a pediatric chiropractor, my rates are the same as my colleagues who treat adults.”

Drug Safety

Chronic ear infections are a significant health issue for children. Two standard treatments for this condition are antibiotics and chiropractic care. While there is little evidence of safety issues regarding chiropractic treatments, there is evidence of a large number adverse drug events that required medical attention. On average 585,000 pediatric adverse events occur each year.

Chronic Ear Infections

Dr. Jennifer Brocker, DC, DICCP, who practices with Dr. Hewitt explains how chiropractic treatments can improve chronic ear infections. According to Dr. Brocker, “Fluid is getting trapped in the middle ear cavity, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Medically, you’d use an antibiotic to kill the bacteria, but that doesn’t do anything about the fluid buildup. We’re asking, why is the fluid trapped? If the muscles surrounding the Eustachian tubes are spasming, that can close down the tube’s opening and not allow the fluid to drain. Our goal is to stop those muscles from spasming.”

Pediatric Chiropractic Safety

Brocker also highlights that the importance of education to pediatric chiropractic safety. She clarifies that “It’s a completely different process when you work with kids, and you have to know what you’re doing to treat them appropriately. You need to know the proper techniques, contacts, and depth. The contacts need to be smaller and the thrust more shallow with less force. Pediatric chiropractic is extremely safe if you know what you’re doing, but less so if you don’t.”

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