Snap Out of It: Chiropractic Care for Tingling and Numbness

Chiropractic Care Frisco TXJust about everyone experiences tingling or numbness in their arms or legs at some point, usually caused by sleeping or spending time in an uncomfortable position. Eventually, however, the feeling usually goes away. If it doesn’t, it could be a sign that all is not right within your body.

A variety of conditions can cause these uncomfortable sensations. Unfortunately, many doctors are quick to recommend invasive surgeries to repair the problem. Not only is surgery painful, but it’s also costly and not always necessary. Before going under the knife, consider chiropractic care to relieve your discomfort.

Carpal Tunnel

Many Americans find themselves working on computers or staring at their personal devices all day long. Although technology certainly makes things more efficient and convenient, it has also created health problems for many.

Performing repetitive motions that involve your hand or wrist, like typing, can place pressure on your median nerve. This nerve runs the length of your arm and passes through the carpal tunnel, a small opening on your wrist. Over time, the carpal tunnel can become swollen and inflamed and compress the nerve. The result is often numbness, tingling and weakness in the hand.

A chiropractor may treat the condition by adjusting your arms and shoulders, which can free up the nerves that are causing the discomfort. Your chiropractic care regiment may also include icing and wearing a brace.

Neck Problems

Believe it or not, tingling and numbness that occur in your arms or hands could actually be a sign of something wrong with your neck. Commonly, this is caused by cervical degenerative disc disease, which occurs when the gelatinous discs between your vertebrae collapse.

Although chiropractors can’t replace the impaired discs, they can adjust your spine to help reduce the pain and improve your range of motion. Through specific spinal manipulation and the flex-distraction technique, the chiropractor may be able to reduce inflammation and improve joint movement, resulting in a decrease in the tingling and numbness you may feel.

Back Issues

If you have tingling or numbness in your legs or feet, you may have lumbar spinal stenosis. Caused by a narrowing of the spinal cord usually created by arthritis or bulging discs, this painful condition creates the tingling sensation because of the extra pressure put on the spinal cord by the spinal column.

A chiropractor will try to realign the spine and open the passageway for the spinal cord, which may cause less pressure on the nerves and a decrease in discomfort. Your chiropractic care may also include stretches and exercise.

Living with tingling and numbness doesn’t have to be your normal. Chiropractic care has opened the door for so many people who thought they had to live in pain.  Tieperman Health and Wellness in Frisco, TX, wants to help you live the pain-free life you deserve. Call us at (214) 705-1799 or visit to learn more.

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