Workplace Injuries: The 5 Most Common

Regardless of if you work in an office, a warehouse, or on a construction site, you could be injured at work. Injuries can keep you from working, making money, and are just painful! Here are the 5 most commonplace work-related injuries that we see here at Tieperman Health & Wellness.

5 Most Common Workplace Injuries

  • Walking Into Injuries – This injury occurs when you walk into an object and hurt yourself. In general, people hurt their legs, knees, head, or face. One example is when someone walks into a desk and bangs their knee into it
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries – These injuries are more common in an office setting. Like the name, implies this injury occurs when you are doing a super repetitive motion. The most common example is typing on a computer. Usually, this leads to strained muscles & tendons or conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Reaction Injuries – A reaction injury occurs when you react quickly and catch yourself to prevent a slip or fall. These injuries commonly result in back or ligament injuries.
  • Falling Injuries – Falling injuries are the second most common workplace injury. They can obviously be very serious and lead to broken bones or head injuries.
  • Overexertion Injuries – These injuries are by far the most common. Definitely the most common injury we see here at Tieperman. Overexertion injuries mostly occur during pushing, pulling, or lifting activities. Incorrect form when lifting or too large loads can lead to back or muscle strains.

If you find yourself getting hurt on the job and need some help getting back on your feet, Tieperman Health & Wellness in Frisco, TX is the place for you. We offer everything from chiropractic services to physiotherapy, so we are here to help. We are proud to be the most affordable pain management center in the area! For more information on our services, and what we can do to help you, please contact us TODAY!

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