Three Scientifically-Proven Benefits of Chiropractic Clinic Care

Chiropractic Clinic Frisco TXIf you are interested in improving your physical health and emotional well-being, it may be time to schedule an appointment with your local chiropractic clinic. A large portion of patients feel that chiropractic adjustments are only helpful after an accident or injury, but that is not true. Here are a few scientifically-proven benefits of chiropractic care.

Reduction In Blood Pressure

Millions of people are currently taking prescription medications to treat hypertension. This medication is important for individuals with high blood pressure since the condition can be incredibly dangerous. While beneficial, prescription drugs most always have side effects that can cause other medical issues. Thankfully, chiropractic care can help if you currently have high blood pressure.

Realigning the spine with the head and neck during an adjustment improves your body’s homeostatic balance. Not only will the adjustment promote healthier blood circulation, but it also reduces inflammation and discomfort caused by your high blood pressure.

Management of Neurological Conditions

Recent scientific studies have also proven the benefits of chiropractic care for managing neurological conditions. Considering the spine is a key part of the nervous system, ensuring it is in an aligned state promotes healthy transmission of neural signals throughout the central nervous system.

In these recent studies, MRI scans showed an increase in cerebral spinal fluid and blood flow after an adjustment at a chiropractic clinic. This increase in fluid and blood flow is beneficial for reversing the symptoms and progression of certain neurological conditions, such as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.

Reduction of Headaches/Migraines

Most people have experienced a headache at one point in time. However, living with daily headaches or more serious migraines can cause a great deal of physical and emotional distress. Reducing this pain and discomfort is possible through chiropractic adjustments.

Again, by realigning the spine with the neck and head, the central nervous system begins to work in a more efficient, healthier manner. The homeostatic balance and blood circulation improve, reducing inflammation and pain.

Also, chiropractic care, which includes spinal realignments and even massage therapy, stimulates the brain’s production of endorphins. These chemicals flood the body, naturally improving your overall mood.

Chiropractic care is an effective option for reducing headaches and migraines without the use of harsh medications. This is important for patients that are already on medications and worried about drug interactions, or for patients that prefer a more holistic approach to health.

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