Arthritis of the Knee: What Causes it?

arthritis of the kneeOsteoarthritis or degenerative arthritis of the knee does not only happen for people of older age. Younger people can be diagnosed with osteoarthritis as well. It can be a very confusing time and wondering what happened to cause this condition can bring some anxiety. Well, we at Tieperman Health and Wellness don’t want you to be too concerned or worried about you or your loved one’s condition. That’s why we’ve put together a short guide on the causes of osteoarthritis. 


The number one cause of osteoarthritis is, indeed, age. The ability of your cartilage to heal and protect your joints decreases as you grow older. That’s why it is more common for people of older age to be diagnosed with this condition, but as we mentioned, that’s not the only cause. Here are a few other causes of osteoarthritis. 


The more weight that is added to your body, the more pressure gets put on your joints. Your knees are the most impacted joint of weight gain. The conversion is that for every one pound of weight you gain, your knees are experiencing and having to support the pressure of three to four pounds. 

Multiple stress injuries

Repetitive stress injuries are most commonly caused by the type of job a person has. When people have jobs that require more physical activity such as kneeling, squatting, or lifting heavy objects, they’re more likely to develop this condition. Heavy objects consist of items 55 pounds or heavier. This is due to the constant stress and pressure put on their knees day in and day out. 


Athletics is the area where young adults become more susceptible to developing arthritis in their knees. Sports like soccer, tennis, and long-distance running have the most impact on athletes. This means that precautions should be put in place to avoid injury. However, this should not be confused with regular, moderate exercise which strengthens joints and decreases the risk of osteoarthritis. 


This is not an exhaustive list, so you need to speak with a professional like Tieperman Health and Wellness to determine the exact cause and treatment of your degenerative arthritis in your knee. So if you think you might be at risk for this condition or think you might already be experiencing it, call us today! One of our own would be glad to meet with you and discuss your condition and a treatment plan. Contact us today to set up a consultation appointment.

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