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5 Holiday Foods to Avoid with Arthritis

Avoiding some foods or new dietary restrictions can become present if you’re diagnosed with arthritis. So, as the holidays roll around, ask your doctor what you should be careful about this season. Tieperman Health and Wellness has a few foods to avoid with arthritis.  1. Added Sugar Things like chocolate and soda that are common around the holidays contain added sugars. If you have arthritis, you should minimize your consumption of things like this because it can increase your pain. 2. Gluten Gluten increases inflammation which can make your arthritis worse in terms of pain. Consider avoiding or minimizing gluten Read more
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What are the Benefits of Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy is a term you might not be very familiar with. You might be asking what nutritional therapy is. Well, nutritional therapy is an approach to nutrition that helps clients live an overall healthier lifestyle, no matter how old or young you are. Your whole family can benefit from nutritional therapy because you can take what you learn home with you and teach your family about it. The question is, “How can it help me or my family?” or “Are there benefits of nutritional therapy?” Well, we’re going to take you through some of the benefits of this therapy Read more
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Foods to Avoid With Arthritis

Arthritis is a very difficult condition to live with. Many different treatments help manage arthritis, but one thing that has a significant impact on your symptoms’ severity is your diet. Your diet might not be something you’ve thought about, but here are a few food items you should avoid as an arthritis patient.  Added Sugars A recent study showed that Rheumatoid Arthritis pain is made worse with sugar-sweetened products. Sugar was one item out of 20 that tested positive for worsening RA symptoms such as pain.  Red or Processed Meats Certain foods can increase inflammation in different areas, such as Read more
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Is Your Diet Causing Your Back Pain?

Many factors can cause back pain. Whether your pain is acute or chronic, nailing down the exact cause can be a difficult task. Most people look to muscle strains, herniated disks, or bad posture as the most likely culprits. However, did you know that your diet could be the cause? While most people understand that a healthy diet is vital to a healthy life, they often do not see that it can be a direct cause to back pain or indeed, make it worse. Luckily, the Frisco, TX nutrition experts at Tieperman Health and Wellness are always here to make Read more
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Foods to Avoid If You Suffer Migraines

 Did you know nutritional choices greatly impact migraine symptoms? The brain, blood vessels, and nerve signals all respond differently to specific foods. Understanding how to avoid nauseating and uncomfortable symptoms is imperative. Avoid the following foods known to trigger neuralgic pain and migraines: Bananas and Citrus fruits Beans (broad or fava) and Corn Chocolate Cultured Dairy Products and Cheese Nuts and Nut butter Onions Tomatoes Be vigilant when it comes to the following food additives, known to trigger migraines: MSG (monosodium glutamate): MSG is a common ingredient in soy sauce and meat tenderizers. Nitrates and Nitrites: Most cured and Read more
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Food to Avoid When You Have Arthritis

 Suffering from any type of Arthritis can be uncomfortable and strenuous. Observing what specifically improves or worsens symptoms is imperative. Your diet or food products you consume has a large influence on healing and well-being. Take caution when it comes to: Fried & Processed Foods:  Cutting down on fried and processed foods can reduce overall inflammation. Giving your body proper nutrients helps to restore natural defenses. Foods with AGEs:  AGE or advanced glycation end is a toxin that damages important proteins in the body. AGEs accumulate in heated, grilled, fried, or pasteurized food products. Sugars and Refined Carbs High Read more
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The Real Benefits of Nutritional Therapy

Diet can play an overwhelmingly important role in regulating overall health and preventing harmful diseases and health conditions. That’s what here at Tieperman Health & Wellness in Frisco, TX, we take nutrition and healthy living every bit as seriously as our commitment to sound medical wellness. The practice of Nutritional Therapy emphasizes the value and role that different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients play in the body. The concept of Nutritional Therapy promotes the idea that the food you consume possesses either positive or negative therapeutic qualities. Tweaking or adjusting the food you consume regularly can maximize overall health and wellness. Read more