Foods to Avoid With Arthritis

Arthritis is a very difficult condition to live with. Many different treatments help manage arthritis, but one thing that has a significant impact on your symptoms’ severity is your diet. Your diet might not be something you’ve thought about, but here are a few food items you should avoid as an arthritis patient. 

Added Sugars

A recent study showed that Rheumatoid Arthritis pain is made worse with sugar-sweetened products. Sugar was one item out of 20 that tested positive for worsening RA symptoms such as pain. 

Red or Processed Meats

Certain foods can increase inflammation in different areas, such as your joints. Red or processed meats are among those foods, so it’s best to avoid these to manage your inflammation better.


Similar to red or processed meats, gluten is known to increase inflammation in your body. One study showed that a gluten-free diet improved inflammation in 66 people with RA. 


Some physicians have found that removing certain nightshades from your diet, such as bell peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant, might improve some RA patients’ symptoms. 


Alcohol can increase inflammation as well. So, patients with inflammatory arthritis should aim to avoid this alcohol as well. 

Processed foods

Ingredients that we’ve mentioned above are often included in processed foods like fast food. Added sugars, preservatives, and processed meat make up a few. These can be responsible for worsening arthritis symptoms, so you should attempt to take them out of your diet. 

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