Muscular Pain Relief Methods

muscular pain relief

You work hard all week, so when the weekend rolls around, you want to burn off some steam or spend time with your family. All of that activity can cause pain in your muscles and your joints. That shouldn’t stop you! You want to feel ready for adventures and feel recharged for the work week ahead. Here are some muscular pain relief methods that can help you get past those sore muscles. 


Sore muscles are a regular occurrence after physical activity such as working out, playing sports, or even doing housework. But it’s more likely to happen if any of the following apply:

  • You do something you’re not used to, such as participating in a marathon when you usually run a few miles.
  • You bump up the intensity or length of your workouts.
  • You do unusual exercises that lengthen your muscles instead of shortening them, like walking down a hill or extend your arm during a bicep curl.

Small injuries in your muscle fibers and connective tissue cause soreness after exercises. However, as you continue to do the exercises, your muscles will repair themselves and build strength leading to little or no soreness afterward. 

Muscular Pain Treatments

Heat or Ice?

Knowing which to use is a common dilemma when trying to relieve sore muscles. Doctors recommend indirect icing. Wrap a bag of ice or ice pack in a towel and place it on the sore area. You can also use ice directly after the activity to decrease the chances of inflammation and then use heat later to increase blood flow to the site. 


Another treatment option is to take NSAIDs like ibuprofen or aspirin, or you can take acetaminophen. You should be cautious taking these medications, though, because taking them too often can affect your muscles’ ability to repair themselves. 


Quick and intense muscle pain is not something that can be fixed with medication and ice. This kind of pain is a sign that you’ve injured yourself. You should call your doctor if the pain is severe and lasts for more than a few days. 

If you’re struggling with muscle soreness or other issues related to physical activity, contact Tieperman Health and Wellness In Frisco, TX today! Our experts can have you feeling in tip-top shape in no time. We do not want your sore muscles to hold you back from those weekend activities and reaching your fitness goals.

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