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Acupuncture In Frisco TX: What To Know About Acupuncture And Whiplash

If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident, you should know that acupuncture in Frisco TX can be an effective treatment for accident-related whiplash and other physical trauma.  In the days and weeks after an accident, you may not even realize that you have serious, underlying problems because you’re receiving short-term treatment with painkillers, but eventually the painkillers will be discontinued and the pain symptoms that you’ve been suppressing will return in full force.  Acupuncture can help with long-term pain relief. Acupuncture in Frisco TX:  Whiplash Is A Violent Injury Whiplash is a common name for what is more appropriately Read more
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Acupuncture Frisco TX: Treating Cold & Flu with Acupuncture

Over two millennia, Chinese medicine has been using herbs and acupuncture Frisco TX to treat the common cold as well as the flu. Cupping and what is known as moxibustion are additional therapies that can prove effective for treating these ailments as well. This may be a welcome alternative for individuals seeking to overcome a cold or fight flu symptoms without the use of antibiotics or unnatural medications. Herbal medicines can be just as effective in reducing the length and severity of a cold or a bout of the flu, with little to no side effects. You can also use Read more
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Acupuncture In Frisco, TX: 5 Unexpected Things Acupuncture Can Treat

Everyone has heard of acupuncture in Frisco, TX, but few people know the wide array of conditions that acupuncture can treat.  If you’re one of those people who are curious about acupuncture and wonder if it can work for what ails you, you should know that while acupuncture is widely associated with pain management, its benefits go well beyond treating pain and the conditions that cause pain.  Here are 5 unexpected ways acupuncture can help you: 1 – Acupuncture can treat fertility issues. According to the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, traditional acupuncture addresses infertility problems by helping to Read more
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Acupuncture in Frisco, TX: Helping You Lose Weight and Feel Great

  Have you heard of the many benefits of acupuncture in Frisco, TX? If not, there are lots of great reasons why people seek this treatment.  One of the best ways people have found to utilize this ancient art is in the area of weight loss. Well-documented research has shown that obese adults were able to lose 9 pounds over a 2 week to 4 month time span with help from acupuncture. This is just one of the many benefits that have been shown from acupuncture. Overall health for many has improved, including relief of migraines, allergies and so much Read more
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Try Acupuncture in Frisco, TX for Chronic Pain Relief

At some point in life, all people will experience an ache or pain and some people choose to manage this pain with acupuncture in Frisco, TX. For some, this pain is temporary and will go away in a matter of hours, but there are some people who have been living with the same chronic pain for years. From ibuprofen and muscle relaxers to heating pads and ointments, people choose to treat and manage their pain in a number of different ways. There is never any way of knowing what will work for you until you try it, so a lot of Read more
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Acupuncture Frisco TX Offers Great Benefits for Pain and Stress Relief

Daily life may be difficult to manage due to issues affecting your physical and emotional health, but acupuncture in Frisco TX offers enormous relief if you are suffering with chronic pain or severe stress disorders. Utilizing this traditional form of Chinese medicine may seem painful, but more and more people are choosing this holistic approach to managing chronic pain and stress. Using this guide, you will have a better understanding of acupuncture. The 101 on Acupuncture in Frisco TX After an initial consultation, your acupuncturist will design a plan of action to treat your pain or stress disorder. This plan will include Read more
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Acupuncture in Frisco, TX: Experience the Healing Solution

  Many people have heard of acupuncture in Frisco, TX, but they don’t know all the benefits that have come from this treatment. It isn’t simply about helping your body stay or get into balance; it’s a real treatment for things such as migraines, menstrual cramps, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and more. For many people, trying acupuncture has turned into the best thing they ever did; through acupuncture, many have found a new lease on life. The great thing is you don’t have to go far to find this treatment. At Tieperman Health and Wellness, we’ll help you discover the Read more
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Acupuncture in Frisco TX: Why You Should Try Acupuncture Today

If you’ve never experienced acupuncture before, you might be a little apprehensive about giving it a try. After all, letting someone poke you with needles sounds a little scary at first. But given the myriad of ailments it can treat, acupuncture in Frisco, TX might be exactly what you need to live your best life. 5 Reasons to Give Acupuncture in Frisco, TX a Try The side effects are great. Western medicine practice usually involves treating an ailment with prescription drugs, often with their own side effects. Sometimes the side effects are worse than the problem the drugs were trying to treat! Read more
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Acupuncture In Frisco, TX: Discover Acupuncture For Pain Relief

  If you’re suffering from chronic pain, consider acupuncture in Frisco, TX.  Acupuncture is a form of ancient Chinese medicine that is used to balance body systems and that has been adopted by most western countries as a way to relieve many different kinds of pain, including back pain, migraine headache pain, carpal tunnel syndrome pain, menstrual pain, dental pain and more.  To find out more about acupuncture in Frisco, TX and how it can help you, visit us at Tieperman Health & Wellness at tiepermanhealth.com.  Then call us at (214) 705-1799 to make an appointment for an acupuncture consultation.  Start healing your Read more
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Acupuncture in Frisco, TX: 3 Reasons to Schedule an Appointment

Do you suffer from constant discomfort or pain?  Maybe you get sick often, are prone to high levels of stress, or have trouble sleeping at night? It’s possible that acupuncture in Frisco, TX could be exactly what you need to fix what ails you. There are many health benefits from acupuncture sessions and it can alleviate an extensive list of physical and mental medical issues. If you weren’t aware that acupuncture was a realistic option or if you have been considering scheduling an appointment for a while and just not followed through, here are several reasons to call a specialist Read more