What is Sports Physical Therapy?

sports physical therapyPhysical therapy versus sports physical therapy, what’s the difference? What is sports physical therapy? We know that terms in the medical field can be difficult to understand sometimes, so that’s why Tieperman Health and Wellness is here to help! We want you to know exactly what you or your child is participating in when it comes to PT, so here’s what to know about what sports physical therapy is. 

The Definition

Sports physical therapy focuses on the young and growing athletes of the sports world. Therefore, facilities specifically designed for physical therapy are full of equipment meant for this kind of therapy and promote full recovery for athletes who are anxious to get back in the game! Tieperman Health and Wellness is no different. We have the right equipment and experts to create a perfect treatment plan for any athlete needing sports physical therapy. 

What Happens at Sports Physical Therapy?

Typically, physical therapists in this industry start with evaluations and assess a young adult’s functional movements. Next, they’ll look at the athlete’s squatting, running, and jumping ability to create a treatment roadmap to get the athlete back to peak performance. Of course, no two athletes are alike, so neither are their treatment plans. Each athlete receives their own evaluations and treatment plan moving forward. 

The Road to Recovery

Not only do physical therapists think about an athlete’s recovery, but they assess the risk of future injury as well. Therefore, the treatment plan includes things that will improve the athlete’s performance to avoid injuries later. The focus of the first part of therapy is pain control, reduction of swelling, and reestablishing regular motion. After that, treatment is focused on actions that will get the athlete back to performing the activities of their sport. This part of the treatment is more intensive. 


Statistics show that young and growing athletes are at extremely high risk for injuries, whether their first, second, etc. That’s why athletes must receive the best treatment that will not only help them heal but improve their performance to avoid further injury. If your child is a young athlete with an existing injury, consider calling Tieperman Health and Wellness for sports physical therapy. As discussed in this article, our experts will evaluate your child’s injury and performance to create the right treatment plan for them and their sport. So call us today to set up an appointment!

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