What to Look for In a Family Chiropractor

family chiropractor Frisco TX

If you and your family are new to chiropractic treatment, you might find it a bit daunting to figure out which chiropractor is right for all of you. We, at Tieperman Health and Wellness, know it can be challenging to find the perfect chiropractor. Here are few things to look for and keep in mind when searching for your new family chiropractor!

Ask for Recommendations

Hearing testimonies from actual patients is one of the best forms of research. This is a great way for you to hear about the treatment process, the staff, and especially the doctor. First, you should start with people you know. Getting recommendations from family and friends is the perfect starting point because they are already people you trust and people whose opinions you value. Next, you can take a look at online reviews!

Explore the In-House Treatment Options 

Some clinics offer more than just chiropractic services. Your family might benefit from additional therapy such as acupuncture, spine and joint treatments, or nutritional therapy services. If a clinic offers some of these in addition to a chiropractor, it could save you a lot of time and stress that comes from dealing with multiple facilities. Plus, knowing the practitioners are all working together for you and your family provides a sense of confidence and peace. 

Look into Insurance

Not all clinics or facilities will accept your insurance. This is a critical piece of information to look into if you do not plan on paying out of pocket. Treatments can get expensive, so be sure to check with the clinics you are inquiring about to see if they accept your insurance. You should be able to find this information on the facility’s website. 

Compare and Contrast Credentials

You want to be sure the practitioners are certified and fit to provide the treatment you need. Asking about the doctor’s credentials and comparing them to others is helpful when choosing the right doctor. Typically, you can find this information on the clinic’s website under the doctor’s biography or you can contact the clinic directly. 

Keep your Beliefs in Mind

Every clinic is not the same. So, not all of the facilities will believe in the same treatment options. It is good to research how the doctors will perform the treatment and what other services they might recommend. You might believe your body can heal itself, and you do not want to take prescription medication to aid that process. You would not want to go to a chiropractor who is willing to prescribe you medicine in addition to treatment. 

Warning Signs

Unfortunately, not every clinic can provide the utmost care. You should be on the lookout for repeated, unnecessary x-rays and lack of improvement of you or your child’s condition. Continued treatment without re-examination is a warning sign as well. 


Researching chiropractors and finding the right one is difficult. Hopefully, these tips helped ease the process. Our experts at Tieperman Health and Wellness pride themselves on quality care. Please contact us if you are looking for a family chiropractor around Frisco, TX! We would be honored if you chose our doctors as the chiropractic and pain management center for you and your family.

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