5 Benefits of a Foot Massage and Reflexology in Frisco TX

Foot Massage FriscoThe foot is thought to have specific reflex points which help the body heal. Here are some benefits of a foot massage and reflexology.

1. Improves Circulation
Perhaps the biggest benefit of foot reflexology improved circulation means better blood flow throughout and oxygenation of cells.

2. Enhanced Nerve Sensitivity
Loss of sensation due to neuropathy is restored by directly stimulating reflex points at the bottom of your feet, which improves blood flow.

3. Elimination of Toxins
Known to improve bladder function and reduce UTI’s reflexology helps eliminate toxins and other foreign substances stored in your body.

4. Increased Energy Levels
By enhancing the function of other organs some report improvement to energy level and metabolism.

5. Helps stabilize sleep pattern
A soothing foot massage improves blood circulation and the ability to improve the function of the nervous system which promotes better sleep.

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