Cure Your Tennis Elbow for Good with Acupuncture in Frisco, TX

Acupuncture Frisco TXIf you have tennis elbow, you know that it can be incredibly difficult to treat. Heat, ice, elbow braces, and rest can all help, but sometimes there seems to be nothing that will make the pain disappear. Especially when leading a busy life, we know you can’t afford limited mobility in one or both of your arms. A new approach to treating tennis elbow has been on the rise – acupuncture. By unblocking pathways of energy, the healing process can speed up and heal your arm faster and more acutely. What are the benefits of trying acupuncture in Frisco?

  • It is scientifically proven. Though not practiced in Western medicine, there is scientific evidence that shows how acupuncture works. Needles stimulate the nervous system, sending messages to the brain to reduce pain and stress. The stimulation promotes relaxation, reduces anxiety, and increases physical and emotional well-being. The needles themselves are rounded instead of pointed, so the effect they have on the skin does not cause damage.
  • Trials have shown to be beneficial. The Mayo Clinic released findings from a study conducted on those who suffered from tennis elbow. Of the 22 patients treated, 18 experienced long-term relief from their symptoms after using acupuncture. Those who did not see long-term relief saw a dramatic reduction in their pain levels and could use their elbows like usual. Utilizing an acupuncturist in Frisco, TX means that you can rest assured that your symptoms will dissipate.
  • It targets multiple areas. Though your pain may be pinpointed in your elbow, acupuncture is known to treat other areas that you did not even know needed help. The stimulation of the nervous system will increase improvements over your entire body! Scheduling an appointment for acupuncture can be a treatment for your tennis elbow as well as provide added benefits to your whole well-being.

An experienced acupuncturist will know precisely where to target the points on your body to eliminate tennis elbow pain. The needles they use are rounded to reduce pain and always sterile. Even if the needles are not placed directly near your elbow, the energy blockages in other parts of your body will create a pathway to better feeling in your arm. When other treatments just aren’t working for your tennis elbow, visit the best acupuncturist in Frisco, TX at Tieperman Health and Wellness. To get the quality of health you deserve, give them a call at (214) 705-1799 or visit their website at

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