Foot Massage Frisco TX: Foot Massage Benefits That Go Beyond Your Feet

foot massage FriscoYour feet support your entire body and when you put them through the daily punishment of walking and running in tight shoes, flip-flops or high heels, they can ache and throb and make you miserable.  Since the Chinese began practicing therapeutic foot massage over 5,000 years ago, humans have understood how important foot health is and how important it is to try to keep them as pain-free as possible.  As a therapy that complements medical treatment, foot massage Frisco TX can be beneficial to your aching feet and to the rest of your body in many ways:

Foot massage relieves stress —  Massage, especially of the feet, can be relaxing for your entire body.  There are over 7,000 nerve endings in feet with a myriad of pressure points that can be manipulated with massage to increase the amount of serotonin (the neurotransmitter that affects mood) our brains produce and create an overall relaxed, calm feeling.  Foot massage therapy has even been known to help cancer patients through the anxiety of the treatment process and has helped many people to lower their blood pressure.

Foot massage improves circulation —  In people with compromised circulation, like diabetics, daily foot massages increase blood flow to the feet which can decrease the time it takes for diabetic foot ulcers to heal.  In general, most of us don’t move around as much as we should, so our feet and legs don’t get the proper blood flow a lot of the time.  A foot massage Frisco TX can increase the circulation of blood and counteract the effects of tight or ill-fitting shoes, which can also reduce circulation.

Foot massage can help manage headaches and migraines —  Since many headaches are caused by stress, then the relaxation benefit that comes from a foot massage that pays special attention to the pressure points that affect the neck and spine, can help to alleviate the symptoms of headaches.  With migraine headaches, often the symptoms that come with them – pain, nausea, light sensitivity – can be caused by excess pressure in the veins of the head.  Massaging the feet increases the blood circulation to the feet and draws blood away from the head, decreasing the pressure to that area.

Foot massage can help alleviate the symptoms of PMS —  The symptoms of premenstrual syndrome include sadness, irritability, insomnia, fatigue and mood swings.  Since foot massage increases the production of serotonin, it can provide the same type of stress relief for PMS symptoms as it does for people with general stress-related anxiety and depression.  In addition, foot massage can increase the production of endorphins – hormones that activate the body’s natural, pain-relieving receptors.  This can help with cramps associated with PMS.

Our feet and bodies are put through many stresses on a daily basis.  With the help of a foot massage Frisco TX, many of those stresses can be relieved.  At Tieperman Health & Wellness in Frisco, we’ll tell you about the many benefits of therapeutic foot massage and let you experience it firsthand.  Visit our website at or call us at 214-705-1833 today for an appointment.

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