Mind and Body Healing with Foot Massage Frisco

foot massage friscoEveryone knows that massages can be relaxing, but many people don’t know foot massage Frisco can also be extremely healing for the body and the mind. People have been lauding the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual benefits of massage for hundreds of years. And if countless testimonials aren’t enough proof, there is also scientific research to back up many of these claims.

While the feet are one of the smaller parts of the body, they are also one of the most important. Feet are often overlooked and taken for granted. But think about it: without feet, walking, standing and balancing would be impossible.

The Need for Foot Massage Frisco

Most people don’t realize how much stress they put on their feet. Jobs in the retail and food industries, among many others, require workers to be on their feet for hours at a time. Parents with small children also have to be on their feet all the time.

Here are a few common causes of extra stress on the feet:

On the go jobs
Being overweight
Unsupportive shoes
Failure to stretch feet
Overexertion during exercise


Reflexology is the most common type of foot massage Frisco, and if you’ve had a foot massage, chances are that the practitioner used this technique. Reflexology is basically the practice of using the feet to heal all other parts of the body. The belief is that there are specific spots on the foot that correspond to organs and other parts of the body. For example, massaging the ball of the foot is healing for the lungs, and massaging the arch is good for the kidneys. A reflexology chart shows what areas of the body correspond with the feet.


Often, massage therapists use essential oils, lotions or scrubs when they do a foot massage Frisco. Aromatherapy is the use of these oils to relax, invigorate, and heal the mind and body.
What are some benefits of foot massage Frisco?

There isn’t just one list of the benefits of a foot massage Frisco, because for each person, the results differ. But here are some benefits most people experience.

Physical Benefits

Released muscle tension
Cramp relief
Improved circulation
Release of toxins
Migraine relief
Chronic pain relief

Mental Benefits

Clear mind
Relief of anxiety
Relief of depression symptoms
Release of negative energy
Release of tension

Anyone looking for stress relief or any of the other benefits listed should give foot massage a try. Most massage therapists offer feet-only massages.

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