Is Your Massage Therapy Professional Applying the Right Pressure?

Massage Therapy Prosper TxThere is no reason for you to experience a painful and intense massage. In fact, this type of therapy can actually be detrimental to patients. The difficulty arises in determining how much pressure is right for your situation in order to help relieve your health problem. Each client is different, having a varied tolerance for massage pressure. Some prefer a light touch and others prefer deep, intense muscle manipulation. It is important to clearly communicate with your massage therapy professional to outline the type of pressure you expect.

There are generally three types of pain you might experience during a massage therapy session. Good pain is a form of discomfort arising from proper massage therapy to provide relief. Bad pain is unpleasant but tolerable to a point. Extreme pain is neurologically and physically hazardous to your health and should be avoided.

Good pain refers to your sensitivity to the pressure applied by your therapist in order to experience relief from your health issue. This pressure can create an intense feeling that you accept in order to feel better. This type of discomfort usually involves aches and dull pain.

Bad pain may not provide any immediate beneficial results. It typically involves burning, hot or sharp pain and is generally caused by too much harmless pressure. While it probably feels fairly intense, it most likely will not cause any injury other than some slight bruising. While it won’t hurt you, it probably won’t help either.

Extreme pain is never acceptable. This type of pressure will offer no benefits and can be hazardous. It is usually caused by pressure that will not help you at all. It is vital to recognize this type of pain in order to prevent it from happening. If you experience extreme pain during your massage therapy session, communicate your discomfort to your therapist immediately.

There are some massage therapy professionals who feel that pain is an intrinsic component of the massage process. While discomfort might be inevitable, pain is not. It is possible to consistently achieve beneficial results through massage experiences involving only good pain. Discomfort during a massage therapy session should have justifiable benefits. If your experience is overly painful and your results are poor, it’s time to find another massage therapist.

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