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What Are the Benefits of Prenatal Massage?

For centuries, medical professionals have turned to therapeutic massage techniques in treating a variety of ailments and physical conditions. Therapeutic massage techniques are most popular in combating stress, relieving muscle tension, and improving overall health. No matter your age, physical condition, or treatment history, exploring the benefits of massage therapy can be of extreme value.    Why Prenatal Massage? According to the American Pregnancy Association, prenatal massage therapy can be a great source of relief, particularly while the body transforms and develops during pregnancy. That said, prenatal massage therapy should always be carefully examined and approved by a licensed doctor Read more
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Treating Knee Pain with Massage Therapy

Knee pain is a common condition in people of all ages. Often, sensitive knee discomfort can intensify with age as a byproduct of living a physically active lifestyle. According to the American Pain Institute, more than a third of adults over the age of 65 struggle with knee pain and stiffness. Understandably, your knees bear a large portion of body weight, so correctly treating any minor pain, flares, or sprains is vital, especially as age increases. In most cases, diagnosing the root and source of pain is essential in determining the most suitable treatment method. Well-known knee injuries often include Read more
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How a massage can help with my chemotherapy?

Did you know that regular massages can help during chemotherapy?  A massage is a perfect tool used to increase relaxation and overall happiness during a difficult time of life. Massage therapy can be a great way to unwind and distract oneself from the weight of cancer treatment. Chemotherapy can certainly intensify anxiety and increase overall levels of stress. Massages are a great method of reducing anxiety, combating nausea, and controlling pain. Some doctors even go as far as to recommend massages as a form of complementary medicine   Massages during cancer treatment may not be for everyone. Always discuss important precautions with your doctor Read more
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Is Your Massage Therapy Professional Applying the Right Pressure?

There is no reason for you to experience a painful and intense massage. In fact, this type of therapy can actually be detrimental to patients. The difficulty arises in determining how much pressure is right for your situation in order to help relieve your health problem. Each client is different, having a varied tolerance for massage pressure. Some prefer a light touch and others prefer deep, intense muscle manipulation. It is important to clearly communicate with your massage therapy professional to outline the type of pressure you expect. There are generally three types of pain you might experience during a Read more
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The Benefits of Massage Therapy in Reducing Stress in Prosper Tx

Stress is a necessary part of life. It helps us to determine how to react to potentially risky or dangerous situations. Whenever you are in a situation like swerving to avoid an accident in traffic, moving quickly to avoid being hit in sports, or worried about important events in your job, school or daily life, stress helps you to deal with the circumstances. Within your body adrenaline raises your heart rate and cortisol increases your blood sugar levels. These two effects divert energy from your immune and digestive systems, to help you survive through flee or flight responses. Stress becomes Read more
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Tips on Choosing the Right Massage Therapy Specialist

Massage therapy is like any other form of treatment; you want a specialist with whom you are comfortable. You can make sure you choose the best therapist possible by doing a little background research before you make your first appointment. What are important considerations when choosing a massage therapist? Know What You Want Everyone has a different expectation of their massage experience. It’s important to know what you are expecting to gain from your massage therapy treatment. Are you looking for pain relief, stress reduction or just an enjoyable massage session? Understand the Massage Method Options There are a variety Read more
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Massage Therapist Prosper TX: A Gift for You

When you get a massage, you are not only helping your stress for the time being but setting a pattern for your life. Working with a massage therapist in Prosper TX can be one of the best things you have ever done for your mind and your body.  We tailor a plan specifically for you to effectively target the best spots or areas that cause you pain or concern.  It isn’t only good for your body but has proven benefits for long term mental health.  The staff at Tieperman Health and Wellness take your care seriously, so call them to schedule Read more
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Find A Massage Therapist In Prosper TX That Knows Their Stuff

A good massage therapist in Prosper TX is equipped to handle the side effects of this time of year. It is a great season of wonder, fun, joy, and stress. Taking a little time for yourself is one of the best medicines for removing the over the top anxiety that can accompany the holidays. If you are considering a massage then you want a good therapist to perform those “miracles” of relaxation on your body. One massage therapist in Prosper TX can be totally different asall are not alike. There are some qualities you might want to be looking for Read more
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Your Massage Therapist in Prosper TX Has the RX for Migraines

Few things are as relaxing or therapeutic as a massage. The general benefits include stimulating lymph flow to flush out toxins, increasing circulation and oxygen and blood flow, enhanced healing of pulled and strained muscles and pain relief. A licensed massage therapist in Prosper TX may even be able to help manage chronic migraine headaches. Massage therapy used for treatment of migraines is especially helpful if traditional medicine isn’t an option. Over the counter migraine medicines as well as some prescriptions, for example, aren’t appropriate for migraine sufferers who are also asthmatic. WebMD explains that is because aspirin and other Read more
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Let Massage Therapy In Prosper TX Bring Calm To The Holidays

The holidays are rapidly approaching, along with the arch enemy of enjoyment, STRESS. Massage therapy in Prosper TX is ready to come to the rescue. Don’t let stress, worry, and patience hanging by a thread take the joy from the season. Give yourself an early holiday gift, a well deserved dose of some R&R, a little something that is just about you. Take some time from your busy and somewhat hectic schedule and have a massage. You can start at the top of your head and move all the way down to the tips of your toes. Massage therapy in Read more