Treating Knee Pain with Massage Therapy

Chiropractic Care Frisco TexasKnee pain is a common condition in people of all ages. Often, sensitive knee discomfort can intensify with age as a byproduct of living a physically active lifestyle. According to the American Pain Institute, more than a third of adults over the age of 65 struggle with knee pain and stiffness. Understandably, your knees bear a large portion of body weight, so correctly treating any minor pain, flares, or sprains is vital, especially as age increases.

In most cases, diagnosing the root and source of pain is essential in determining the most suitable treatment method. Well-known knee injuries often include ruptured ligaments and torn cartilage. Symptoms of a comparable injury or condition like arthritis, tendinitis, or infection generally include:

  • Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Sensitivity to touch
  • Instability
  • Popping or crunching noises
  • Inability to fully extend the knee

Massage therapy can be an extremely beneficial means of addressing painful symptoms associated with an injury or knee condition. At Tieperman Health and Wellness Center in Frisco, Tx, we understand the importance of treating sensitive knee infirmities and injuries through a variety of pain treatment procedures. Our massage specialists are more than just trained professionals. They are personally committed to relieving whatever pain and stress you are experiencing so that you can live a healthier and happier life.

More specifically, the benefits of massage therapy at Tieperman Health and Wellness Center in Frisco include:

  • Increasing circulation to allow the movement of oxygen and nutrients
  • Stimulating lymph flow
  • Softening and relaxing injured muscles or tendons
  • Reducing overall recovery time
  • Preparation for strenuous workouts and physical commitments
  • Eliminating subsequent pain for athletes
  • Increased range of motion

To improve a condition or knee injury, schedule a massage therapy session at Tieperman Health and Wellness Center in Frisco, TX, by calling 214-705-1799 today! Our peaceful and relaxing environment will allow you to relax and escape from your pain. We understand that each patient’s needs are different, so we strive to provide the most consistent, outstanding, and supreme customer service and care. Our doctors and knowledgeable staff are committed to your well-being and recovery.

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