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3 Types of Massage For Athletes To Recover

If you’re an athlete, you should know that recovery is essential for staying in the game. After a hard training session, workout, or event, you need to recover properly in order to keep going. Massage should be a component of that. As an athlete, getting a massage on a regular basis is a really good way to recover after a workout, an event, etc. However, there are different kinds of massage that can be good for you, so it’s important to know a few different kinds and how they can help, so you can choose the right one for your Read more
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What Are the Benefits of Prenatal Massage?

For centuries, medical professionals have turned to therapeutic massage techniques in treating a variety of ailments and physical conditions. Therapeutic massage techniques are most popular in combating stress, relieving muscle tension, and improving overall health. No matter your age, physical condition, or treatment history, exploring the benefits of massage therapy can be of extreme value.    Why Prenatal Massage? According to the American Pregnancy Association, prenatal massage therapy can be a great source of relief, particularly while the body transforms and develops during pregnancy. That said, prenatal massage therapy should always be carefully examined and approved by a licensed doctor Read more
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Treating Knee Pain with Massage Therapy

Knee pain is a common condition in people of all ages. Often, sensitive knee discomfort can intensify with age as a byproduct of living a physically active lifestyle. According to the American Pain Institute, more than a third of adults over the age of 65 struggle with knee pain and stiffness. Understandably, your knees bear a large portion of body weight, so correctly treating any minor pain, flares, or sprains is vital, especially as age increases. In most cases, diagnosing the root and source of pain is essential in determining the most suitable treatment method. Well-known knee injuries often include Read more
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How a massage can help with my chemotherapy?

 Did you know that regular massages can help during chemotherapy?  A massage is a perfect tool used to increase relaxation and overall happiness during a difficult time of life. Massage therapy can be a great way to unwind and distract oneself from the weight of cancer treatment. Chemotherapy can certainly intensify anxiety and increase overall levels of stress. Massages are a great method of reducing anxiety, combating nausea, and controlling pain. Some doctors even go as far as to recommend massages as a form of complementary medicine   Massages during cancer treatment may not be for everyone. Always discuss important precautions with your Read more
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The Five Hidden Reasons Why Massage Therapy Can Change Your Life

 Massage therapy is becoming increasingly popular for health reasons. When included in your regimen, you can reap huge rewards. How can massage therapy improve your health? Massages can reduce tension, headaches, and overall stress. Especially for those with lower back pain, it can promote restful sleep. Because of stress reduction and sleep improvement, it can improve mental health. Massage therapy can help our pain management. Finally, it can increase flexibility and range of motion. For the best massage therapy in Little Elm, Texas, trust Tieperman Health and Wellness. For more information, visit Read more
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Massage Therapist Little Elm TX: Relaxation and Relief

  Life is stressful!  When you stop and think about all the ways our bodies and mind take a beating every day, you might realize that it is time for some relaxation and relief.  That is what you get when you meet with a massage therapist in Little Elm TX like those at Tieperman Health and Wellness.  We know you have a lot on your mind and we also know that many times we push our bodies to the limit just to accomplish what we need to do. Take some time for yourself and visit us to get back to Read more
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Massage Therapist Little Elm TX: Benefits for an Athlete

Going to a massage therapist in Little Elm TX sounds like something for the idle, or possibly a special kind of physical therapy. If you are a professional or amateur athlete, you might not be aware that there are a number of benefits to getting massage therapy for yourself. There are a number of ways your health and body can be improved with the help of regular, professional massage.  Here are a few of the benefits of getting massage therapy if you are a professional athlete: 1. Improved Flexibility Massage therapy is great for improving the flexibility of your joints. One Read more
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Signs It’s Time to Call Your Massage Therapist in Little Elm TX

It is a stressful world we live in, and if you’re like most people, there is probably at least one area of your body where you store stress. It’s the spot that is always sore or tight. For some people, stress is held in the shoulders or neck. For others, the tightness and tension stick around the lower back or the feet. How do you know it’s time to see a massage therapist in Little Elm TX? You Wake Up Sore Every Day. Morning time is supposed to be quiet, peaceful, and sunny, just like it is in all the Read more
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How Massage Therapy in Little Elm TX is Beneficial for Emotional Health

Everyone knows that massage therapy in Little Elm TX has countless physical benefits. It can be a remedy for tight muscles and a means of healing injuries. Of course, massage therapy also promotes physical relaxation, and it’s impossible to leave a massage session feeling tension or tightness in the body. But the benefits of massage therapy aren’t exclusively physical; in fact, there are plenty of emotional perks that come from an occasional massage. When you get massages on a regular basis, the emotional results can be long-lasting. You may suddenly find yourself feeling less stressed or anxious in everyday life, Read more
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Massage Therapy in Little Elm TX: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is essentially upon us, and if you haven’t decided on the perfect gift for the important women in your life, fear not! Massage therapy in Little Elm TX is a great gift for any woman – or man – for this lovely holiday. Massage gift cards are a common gift for this holiday, yes, but there are many reasons why: She can use it whenever she wants Valentine’s Day celebrations shouldn’t be restricted to February 14th. Sure, flowers and chocolates or a nice dinner are great on that day. But if you buy a gift certificate for massage Read more