Osteoporosis Lower Back Pain Treatment Options in Frisco Tx

Lower Back Pain Treatment Frisco Tx

Osteoporosis is a condition that can weaken your bones and cause them to break easily. Physiotherapy can help to reduce the impact of osteoporosis on your health.

Bone Loss

Bone loss is a natural part of the aging process. The process happens more quickly in women after menopause. Loss of bone can cause osteoporosis and a higher risk of bone fractures. Most people who develop osteoporosis have family members that also suffer from the condition. Other risk factors include age, gender, alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, and activity levels.


Physiotherapy can help in strengthening your bones and your muscles. It can reduce the potential for thinning of your bones and the chances of taking a fall. It can also help you to manage any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing. You can improve your bone tissue through a variety of exercise activities. A physiotherapy professional can help you to find the best exercise for your health situation. Your physiotherapist can assess your health issues and provide you with guidance and physical treatment. In order to be able to move properly during your appointment be sure to wear comfortable clothing.


Osteoporosis occurs more often in older people and often lead to them falling. Accidental falls are common in people over 65 years of age. If you are older, a physiotherapist can help you to gain better balance and reduce your chances of falling.

Bone Strengthening Activities

If you have osteoporosis be sure to check with your health practitioner about the best exercises for your situation. Weight-bearing activities like walking are effective in strengthening your bones. These activities involve activity in which your legs and feet support your body weight. Water-based activity like swimming can help to strengthen your bones while putting less stress body weight on your legs and feet.

Eating Healthy

It’s important to eat proper foods if you are experiencing bone issues. Food items with calcium and vitamin D are vital to building and maintaining strong bones.

Bone Health Tips

  • Participate in weight-bearing like walking.
  • If walking is too difficult, consider swimming instead.
  • Eat a healthy diet with lots of calcium and vitamin D rich food
  • Wear sensible shoes
  • Be mindful of rugs on floors that can cause you to trip.
  • Make sure your stairs are well-lit.
  • Get your eyes checked on a regular basis.
  • Avoid lifting heavy items.

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Lower Back Pain Treatment Frisco Tx
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