Coccydynia and Effective Back Pain Management in Frisco Tx

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Coccydynia refers to pain in the coccyx or tail bone area. This condition can be caused by a variety of circumstances including childbirth, falling, sports and can be exacerbated by sitting for long periods of time. If you suffer from coccydynia speak with your health care provider about the possible solutions for your individual condition.

The following strategies can help you in dealing with your coccyx pain. Be sure to discuss your health care professional before attempting any of them to ensure that they are right for you.

Extend Your Tailbone
Your tailbone may be stuck in a flexion position. To encourage proper motion of your tailbone and remove it from the flexion position, it is important to use lumbar spine movement. You can do this through a combined breathing and movement exercise. While you inhale, arch the lower part of your back. When you exhale move your lower back to its normal position.

Sit Properly for Limited Periods
Avoid using a slumped position when you are sitting. Poor sitting posture can reduce your bone motion and increase poor alignment. Avoid sitting longer than twenty minutes in one period. Whenever necessary, shift your body weight to reduce any tailbone discomfort. Consider sitting on a ring-shaped pillow to reduce coccyx pain.

Consider Yoga
Some yoga exercises can help in reducing tailbone discomfort. Cobra and Up Dog can be effective positions however they are more complicated. Speak with your health care professional before attempting them for coccyx pain. Be sure to seek help from a certified yoga instructor before using this strategy.

See a Physical Therapist
Make a consultation appointment with a registered physical therapist. These health care professionals have specialized training and can provide you with more intensive care.

Apply Ice
Apply ice to your tailbone and heat to your gluteal muscles to reduce discomfort in the area. Be careful to monitor the temperature levels of both areas so as to prevent any burns or skin irritation. Leave the ice and heat on the affected area for a maximum of fifteen minutes.

It is vital to work with a certified health care provider, physician, osteopath, physical therapist or yoga instructor if you are experiencing coccyx pain and discomfort. Your tailbone may, in fact, be broken and the only way of making that determination is through an X-Ray. Be sure to get proper care from a registered health care provider with the education, expertise, and experience to treat your coccydynia condition.

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