Pain, Pain Go Away: Natural Headache Treatments for Children

Headache Treatments Frisco TXParents never want to see their children in pain. Additionally, giving a child medication to treat a headache is often worrisome, as you’re not sure how their bodies will respond. Many experts agree, however, that natural remedies are worth a try when it comes to headache treatments for children.

Drink Up

Dehydration is a common reason why children experience headaches. Offer your child a glass of water when they begin to experience the pain. If that doesn’t work, give them a sports drink. Along with helping the dehydration, the ingredients in the sports drink can combat the pain. When a child has a migraine, the blood vessels in the brain dilate and leak. The sugar and electrolytes in the drink help the salt and water become absorbed, and the salt helps keep the water inside the veins. If a sports drink isn’t available, offer a little bit of juice or even cola. The caffeine can help constrict the blood vessels, causing the headache or migraine to go away.

Get Some Sleep

A nap can do wonders for a child with a headache. Catching some Zs is often enough to make that pain in their head subside. Create a quiet, comfortable, dark and cool environment and encourage the child to rest. You will likely find that their headache is gone when they wake up.

Massage and Ice

Your child’s headache could be due to tight and tense muscles in the head and neck area. Gently massage your child’s neck and shoulders to release some of the tension. Also apply a cold, moist cloth or ice pack to the part of the head that hurts. Be sure to place a paper towel or cloth between their skin and ice. The combination of the two may make that headache hit the road.


You may be surprised at just how much of an effect imagery can have on a headache. Ask your child to imagine a cool color covering their hot head. Suggest blue, green or even gray. The idea of something cool-looking wrapping itself around a painful head may be enough to help the pain go away.

Similarly, tell your child to focus on a positive image in their mind. Suggest something that they like to do, such as play with their friends or jump on a trampoline. Along with distracting the child from the pain in their head and allowing the tension to dissolve, this also gives you a chance to find out the hidden reason for the stress that is causing the headache.

Tieperman Health and Wellness Can Help With Headaches

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