Suffering from Muscle Pain in Your Neck? Find Relief with a New Pillow

Muscle Pain Relief Frisco TXAre you looking for chronic neck muscle pain relief? The solution may be simpler than you think. Surprisingly, your pillow may be to blame for your discomfort. At Tieperman Health & Wellness, we treat neck pain on a regular basis. Many times, we focus on identifying the triggers for this type of pain, which can be something as simple as the kind of pillow or mattress you use. Here are a few tips for finding the pillow that’s right for you.


Your pillow could be causing your neck pain if it leaves your head in a tilted position. The right pillow will keep your head parallel to the mattress, not tilted up, down or to the side. If you believe your pillow to be the pain-causing culprit, try looking for a pillow that adapts to your position, such as a cervical contour pillow. These pillows allow your head to rest in a depression in the middle, while your neck rests on the side of the pillow, keeping it parallel to your mattress.


When it comes to material, the most common type of pillow is the least supportive. Feather pillows provide little to no neck stability because the feathers move every time you do. Instead, we recommend a latex foam pillow. These pillows offer substantial support and keep your head cool, unlike their memory foam alternatives. The cooler you are, the deeper sleep you’ll fall into, whereas heated sleep environments lead to more restless nights.

Choosing the Right Pillow

The type of pillow that will work most efficiently for you will depend heavily upon your sleeping position. We have broken down our pillow recommendations by this pattern:

  • Side Sleepers should look for a firm or extra firm pillow because they support your shoulders, neck, and head. Sturdier pillows help provide an even sleep surface, which keeps your spine aligned and will reduce neck and back pain in the long run.
  • Stomach Sleepers should lean towards plump, soft pillows that cushion both the head and neck. Sleeping in this position causes your back to arch and your neck to turn to the side, which can lead to discomfort upon awakening. The fullness of a plush pillow will help keep your neck in a natural position throughout the night.
  • Back Sleepers are advised to use two different pillows. A round pillow should cushion your neck while a flatter pillow rests under your head. This combination will help contour the natural curve of your neck, and medium support pillows work the best in this sleeping position.
  • Mobile Sleepers may struggle to choose a pillow if they, for instance, fall asleep on their back but wake up on their stomach. If you belong to this category, it is best to purchase a medium support pillow, but you may want to switch to a softer pillow if you find yourself spending the majority of the night on your stomach.

No matter how you sleep, no one wants to wake up with chronic neck pain the next morning. We hope these tips will help you find the right pillow for you, and significantly relieve muscle pain in your neck. For more information about neck pain, or to set up a consultation or treatment session, visit Tieperman Health & Wellness online or give us a call 214-705-1799 today.

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