5 Ways to Combat Back Pain From Your Sedentary Desk Job

Back Pain Frisco TXThe human body was never meant to stay sedentary for long periods of time, so it’s not surprising that many people with office jobs that require many hours of sitting at a desk complain of back pain and other issues linked to posture in Frisco, TX. There are things you can do to combat these ill effects of having a desk job. Here are 5 suggestions:

  • Frequent stretches
  • Standing desk
  • Frequent office laps
  • Active meetings
  • Ergonomic chair

If your office job is the cause of your back pain, let Tieperman Health & Wellness help you find relief and offer tips on preventing further discomfort. Call us today at (214)705-1799 or visit us online at https://tiepermanhealth.com/ for more information.

Back Pain Frisco TX
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