Physiotherapy for Chronic Pain Management in Frisco Tx

Chronic Pain Management Frisco TxPhysiotherapy is an effective chronic pain management treatment. There are several ways it can help to relieve the aches and pains associated with a variety of diseases and conditions.

Knee Problems

Research has shown that a combination of physiotherapy and medication is an effective treatment for people with osteoarthritic knees. Through the identification of the cause of aches and pains around the knee, physiotherapists are able to relieve the discomfort. A biomechanical assessment provides the necessary information needed to determine a variety of causes including muscle tightness and weak joints. Based on the results, the physiotherapist is able to provide proper treatment to address both the pain and its causes.

Breathing Techniques

Physiotherapy also takes into account conditions within the nervous system. Sleeping problems and asthma can be managed under the care of a cardiovascular therapist who can teach effective breathing techniques. Proper breathing can help to increase mobility in the neck and chest muscles.

Pelvic Floor Issues

When the pelvic muscles tighten or spasm following surgery or pregnancy, pelvic floor disorders can develop. The muscles in this area are significant to bladder, bowel and sexual functions and a disorder can lead to incontinence and pain. A massage technique, core strengthening exercises, and relaxation are used to relieve  problems in this area


Physiotherapists work together with physicians in helping obese patients become more active. In addition to educating people on the effects of extra weight on the musculoskeletal system, they also design custom exercise programs that are mindful of weak joints and tendons. Physiotherapists can help in finding the best shoes for exercise to prevent potential injury from poorly support footwear.

Chronic Pain

Physiotherapy can help to relieve chronic pain by helping patients to strengthen the muscles around their joints. Studies have shown that patients involved with effective physiotherapy treatments tend to require less medication to relieve pain.

Back Pain

Muscle strain, poor posture, and arthritis can lead to back pain. Muscle strengthening, weight management, and muscle coordination development help in reducing back pain. There are quite a few muscles in the lower back that require special attention in order for them to work well together to properly support the body.

You can work on stretching and strengthening at home if you are experiencing chronic pain problems. Be sure to speak with a reliable physiotherapist about the best course of action for your situation before beginning any health regime.

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