Understanding Chronic Pain Management for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Chronic Pain Management Frisco TXIf you are one of the millions of patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, you may be searching for effective options in chronic pain management. While there are numerous treatments available, it can be helpful to understand the causes and signs of this common condition. Here are a few key facts about carpal tunnel syndrome.


Numerous components make up your arm, wrist, and hand. Tissue, tendons, and nerves run through the entire limb, helping you feel, move, and function. The median nerve, which runs from the forearm to your hand through a small space called the carpal tunnel, is one of the most important parts of hand movement.

If there is an excess amount of pressure on this nerve, you can develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

Repetitive movements that place stress on the median nerve can increase your risk of the disorder. If you use a keyboard and mouse or perform repetitive duties using your hands for extended periods of time, you are at risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.


The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome vary according to severity. However, most people will experience a tingling sensation or numbness in the hand, wrist, and fingers.

In some instances, the syndrome can cause severe pain and even immobility of the hand, fingers, and wrist. This pain and discomfort can affect your daily life, reducing your ability to work, write, drive, and even get dressed.

Chronic pain management may be necessary with severe symptoms.


If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, visit your doctor for a consultation. A physical examination will be conducted to determine the severity of your symptoms. X-rays may also be necessary to diagnose underlying issues with the nerves in your hand and wrist.

Your doctor may recommend avoiding the repetitive use of the affected hand, so you may not be able to work or complete certain tasks at home. Wearing a splint on the wrist for a few days or weeks will support the hand, preventing any movement of the wrist and fingers.

Reducing your pain may involve taking a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication. These medications will reduce inflammation and swelling in the hand and wrist. If the medications do not offer any relief, cortisone injections into the carpal tunnel may be used to ease pain and reduce inflammation.

Physical therapy, involving light exercises and massage, may also be recommended since long-term use of medications is not a healthy option. Light stretches of the hand and wrist will improve blood circulation, which decreases pain and swelling.

Carpal tunnel syndrome may not seem like a serious condition, but the pain and immobility can wreak havoc on your life. To learn more about chronic pain management for your carpal tunnel syndrome, contact Tieperman Health & Wellness in Frisco, TX at (214) 705-1799.

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