Where to Find the Best Chiropractor in Frisco

Frisco chiropractic centerFinding a chiropractor is easy because most areas offer plenty of them. But finding a chiropractor who offers more than just simple care, one who can help patients transform their lives, is a little more difficult. Fortunately, at Tieperman Health & Wellness, we have one of the best doctors in the area. Sure, Dr. Tieperman offers adjustments and injury rehabilitation, but those are just the basic care; our practice offers so much more. If you want the best chiropractor in Frisco, we are the place for you.Acupuncture
The ancient healing art of acupuncture is still popular today. That is because it works. Acupuncture can be used for a number of ailments, from muscle tension to menstrual cramps, ear infections, and the common cold. Come in for an acupuncture appointment and experience true relaxation.

Adjustments and Realignments
Most chiropractic customers come in for regular adjustments and realignments. Auto accidents and sports injuries often throw off alignment and create injuries. However, sitting at a desk or in a car for hours, sleeping in a weird position, or doing other simple things can also tweak muscles and throw off alignment. It is amazing how much improvement can be seen with just one or two adjustments.
Massage Therapy
Massage therapy is healing for many reasons. First, it is a great stress reliever. It is also a fantastic way to release muscle tension and pain. Massage therapists can feel areas of tension and work them harder or longer. Many people find massages after an injury or accident are beneficial for the mind and body.

Prenatal Massage
Not all massage therapists work with pregnant women because it comes with risks. Massage therapists also must take further certification classes to work with prenatal massage. However, at Tieperman Health & Wellness, we offer this type of massage for moms-to-be because we know how beneficial it can be.

A woman’s body changes drastically during pregnancy. And while some of those changes are beautiful, they can also be painful. Extra weight can throw off alignment and balance. It can also result in tweaked or sore muscles on other parts of the body – like the back and neck – that have to work harder than normal during these months. Prenatal massages are relaxing and therapeutic and comfortable.

Nutrition Counseling
Everyone knows that having a healthy, fit body is a combination of diet and exercise. But sometimes, even when we are eating right, something is off. We hit plateaus in weight loss. We have migraines or trouble sleeping. These are issues that can be addressed in terms of nutrition.

Our nutrition experts can talk with you to figure out why you feel fatigued or why you have constant stomach aches. With just a little help from a nutrition expert, some of those pesky problems can be solved. You may find the root of the problem stems from what you are eating.

Pain Management
Nobody should have to deal with chronic pain, but millions of people do it every single day. You don’t have to be one of them. Invest some time for yourself and come to the best chiropractor in Frisco. Some chronic issues need to be treated over several months or years, and others can greatly improve with just a few visits. Whether the chronic pain stems from lower back problems, tension in the neck and shoulders, or migraine headaches, it can be treated. Come in and let us get rid of that pain once and for all.

These are just some of the many services offered at Tieperman Health & Wellness. If you want to work with the best chiropractor in Frisco,Texas, come see us today!

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