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Three Stretches Suggested by Chiropractors to Improve Posture

Poor posture is often the root of many aches and pains, but some simple stretches that are recommended by chiropractors in Frisco, TX can offer relief. The normal curve to our spine becomes shorter and more compressed over time if we let it. If you thought your back pain could be relieved in just a few minutes a day, wouldn’t you give it a try? Here are three simple stretches that you can do anywhere to help improve your posture: Shoulder lift and release Shoulders backstretch Pectoral twist Just a few minutes stretching a day can help your back pain Read more
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How Your Family Chiropractor Can Help Improve Your Child’s Posture

Having good posture has a big impact on your health. That’s why it’s important to make sure your child is maintaining proper posture. Look for these 3 signs of improper posture so that you can help your child. The health of your organs – The spine must be properly aligned in order to support organs and their functions. If it is not, it can lead to organ damage. Unnecessary strain on your neck and back – This may lead to chronic back and neck pain. Your body may try to overcompensate for functions that aren’t being supported as normal. This will cause more problems. Irregularities in your spine’s curve and health Read more
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Chiropractor Talks 7 Foods that Show Nutrition’s Role in Your Health

Health is multi-faceted and affects every aspect of your life. Scheduling regular appointments at Tieperman Health, the leading Frisco chiropractic center, will keep your body in alignment. But health doesn’t just stop at the doctor’s office; there are things that can be done every day to feel good. The biggest thing you can do yourself to feel happy and healthy is to change your diet. Your body is a machine, and it responds to the kinds of calories you put in it. Nutrition can do more than maintaining weight; it can help us prevent illness and manage pain. There are Read more
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Frisco Chiropractor Reveals Surprising Conditions Adjustments May Help

You may know that you need a Frisco chiropractor for orthopedic issues like back and neck pain or shoulder problems, but an adjustment can also provide relief for a variety of ailments you may not have known about. When you’re diagnosed with persistent headaches, chronic sinusitis, or even a weakened immune system, consult with a chiropractor and you may find surprising relief. Conditions Your Frisco Chiropractor Can Help Alleviate Migraines and Tension Headaches If you experience chronic migraines and tension headaches, you know just how frustrating finding relief can be. Before you pop another potentially damaging painkiller or give up Read more
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Frisco Chiropractor: Get Relief From The Most Common Issues Today

  Your Frisco chiropractor can assist you in finding relief for many common pain issues. At Tieperman Health and Wellness, we see many of these types of problems frequently: shoulder, knee, back and hip pain, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis patients, in addition to those who suffer from scoliosis. We are also able to help many of our clients who suffer from headaches or migraines by helping their body be in correct alignment. Call us today at 214-705-1799 to schedule your visit or find out more about how we can help you with your specific need. You can also learn more online at Read more
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Chiropractor Frisco TX: Chiropractic FAQs

If you suffer from chronic back pain and have wondered if there’s a treatment for your pain that doesn’t involve surgery and narcotics, consider consulting a chiropractor Frisco TX.  Of course you’ve heard of chiropractors, and you might even have friends or relatives who’ve used the services of a chiropractor, but do you know exactly what they do and which conditions they treat?  Many people hesitate to consult a chiropractor because they’re unsure about the safety of chiropractic treatment methods.  If you’re one of those people, here are answers to some questions you may have: Frisco Chiropractor:  Do Chiropractors Just Read more
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Chiropractor In Frisco, TX: FAQs About Chiropractic Care

Have you thought about visiting a chiropractor in Frisco, TX but you’re not sure if it’s right for you?  Many potential chiropractic patients have questions about what chiropractors do, what treatment entails and more.  If you’re one of those people, the American Chiropractic Association has answers to some of their most frequently asked questions: What conditions do chiropractors treat? A chiropractor can treat a variety of conditions including back pain, neck pain and chronic headaches.  They also treat a wide range of injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system involving ligaments, joints and muscles.  Since many of these conditions also Read more
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How a Chiropractor in Frisco TX Can Help Your Overall Health

Choosing a chiropractor in Frisco TX can have many benefits to your health. A chiropractor can help you deal with some of the more common medical problems like pain in your back, neck, and joints. But a good chiropractor can do so much more than that. The right chiropractor can put their skills to work helping you deal with things like stress relief and better sleep, as well as pain reduction. Finding the right chiropractor in Frisco TX will enable you to improve your overall health from the inside out, and can provide you with the kind of help you Read more
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Chiropractor In Frisco TX: 5 Reasons Everyone Needs Chiropractic

Everyone has heard of chiropractic care and most people have an idea of what chiropractic treatment looks like; but very few people know that chiropractic help is more than just a quick fix for an acute physical injury.  If you live in North Texas and you’ve never been to a chiropractor in Frisco TX, it’s time find out just what a great chiropractor can do for your health, your body and your life: 1. Chiropractic alleviates pain.  This is the most obvious reason to see a chiropractor in Frisco TX; but it’s also the best reason.  Chiropractors treat pain by diagnosing and Read more
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Let a Chiropractor in Frisco TX Cure Your Pregnancy Headaches

If you’re experiencing headaches during your pregnancy, play it safe by turning to a chiropractor in Frisco TX. In order to keep your unborn baby – and your body – healthy. During pregnancy, you may be wary of using prescription or over-the-counter drugs. Aspirin and ibuprofen, specifically, are not recommended during pregnancy. However, you also may be experiencing frequent headaches and migraines even if you never suffered from these before. The first and third trimesters of pregnancy are notorious for headaches. Pain, including headache pain, is not an isolated problem. Pain is a symptom of a bigger issue that needs Read more