Pain Management Treatment and Therapy for Pinched Nerves

Pain Management Frisco TXEffective pain management is essential to dealing with chiropractic problems involving skeletal muscles and nerves. Chiropractors diagnose these types of health issues, determine the best techniques for healing and then manually apply the best methods possible. A chiropractor focuses on the spinal area of the body as the main reason for most musculoskeletal health problems. A session with a chiropractor can enable the body to self-heal through specific spinal manipulation treatments.

Pinched nerves can cause intense pain. This type of problem involves nerve irritation and pressure through misalignment of the spine. It can lead to extreme neck and back pain along with an inability of the nervous system to transmit messages between the brain and major organs. Sudden turns and twists of the vertebral column can cause a pinched nerve. It can also be the result of a variety of injuries. Signs of a pinched nerve include burning sensations, numbness, pain and tingling in the arms, back, feet, hands, legs, neck, and shoulders. Chiropractic treatment is an effective means of resolving a pinched nerve through specific spinal adjustments.

Chiropractic treatments alleviate pinched nerves by relaxing tight muscles and reducing the constriction upon the nerves in the area of the body that is experiencing pain and inflammation. This therapy involves the chiropractor applying pressure to the pinched nerve. There are several pressure points upon which the chiropractor can apply pressure.

Resolving a pinched nerve problem involves several steps. First, the chiropractor diagnoses the situations through a comprehensive neurological, orthopedic and physical exam. Often an x-ray is ordered to determine the exact problematic area. Once the physical exam is complete, the chiropractor applies particular pressure to make small manipulations of the spine. These slight manipulations allow the vertebra to align themselves properly. Typically speaking, only one or two sessions are needed to solve small injury problems. More chronic issues require several sessions to alleviate the pain and enable the nerves to communicate throughout the body effectively.

After the spine has been realigned and the nerve is no longer pinched, the chiropractor may advise a patient to continue with rehabilitative lifestyle changes including better nutrition, increased exercise, and proper posture.

While traditional medicine may treat specific body parts experiencing pain, chiropractic care takes a look at the whole body. This approach is effective with pinched nerves that lead to pain down and back and into the legs. Chiropractic care also considers the overall wellbeing of the patient as it relates to the health issue at hand.

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