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What to Expect During Your First Visit to a Chiropractor

If the pain you’re experiencing is starting to affect your daily routine negatively, consider a visit to a chiropractor in Frisco, TX to put you on a path to relief. Knowing what to expect on your first visit will help the experience run smoothly. On you first visit, expect the following: Initial intake paperwork that provides details about your health history and symptoms and also provides insurance information Physical exam Treatment based on your condition that may include electric stimulation (EStim), massage to release muscle guarding, roller table, and if deemed safe, adjustments and/or imaging. Follow-up plan At Tieperman Health Read more
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Chiropractor in Frisco TX Can Help Treat Your Insomnia

Although surprising to many, only an estimated 35 percent of American adults get a sufficient amount of sleep, but a chiropractor in Frisco TX can help.  Unfortunately, you may not realize you are suffering from insomnia since the causes and symptoms of this sleep disorder are difficult to understand. Using this guide, you will understand insomnia and learn the best options to treat this condition, allowing you to get a proper amount of sleep. The 411 on Insomnia Your central nervous system plays a large role in your ability to fall and remain asleep. If you are overly tired, stressed, or suffering Read more
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Workout Back Pain Between Visits to a Chiropractor in Frisco

  If you love to work out but are experiencing back pain, don’t miss your workouts before you see the chiropractor in Frisco. Tieperman Health and Wellness at (214) 705-1799 can help relieve that lower back pain and diagnose what might be the cause. If you experience back pain during your work outs, put down the free weights and use the weight machines instead. These machines are easier on your back, as well as provide a built-in spotter. After your workouts, apply ice to the affected area for about 20 minutes, then wait about 10 minutes and apply it again, until the Read more
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Signs You Need to See a Chiropractor Frisco TX

Not everyone goes to the chiropractor, though most everyone can benefit from an occasional visit. Chiropractors can treat injuries and prescribe medications, much like a traditional physician, but at a fraction of the price. And when it comes to alignment and injury rehabilitation, there is nobody better than a chiropractor Frisco TX to aid you. Some people go to chiropractors for alignments once every few months or so, and some just go when they have an injury. Here are some signs it may be time for you to see a chiropractor Frisco TX: Chronic Pain of Any Kind Nobody should Read more
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Get Rid of Pain with a Frisco Chiropractor

Millions of people live with pain every single day. Sometimes it is chronic pain due to an old injury. Other times, it is pain from an auto accident or sports injury. And sometimes people experience pain without an explanation. Thankfully, Frisco chiropractors are there for Texans who have all types of pain. It is their goal to relieve pain, treat injuries, and have patients back to full health as quickly as possible. Sources of Pain Auto accidents: Some people experience pain from auto accidents. Vehicles are huge, heavy machines that are not made to me smashed into one another, so Read more